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Session 1:

Virtual roundtable: real-time visibility, check! What's next?


calendar June 1st


Session 2:

Successfully embed real-time visibility into your modern TMS


calendar June 8th


Session 3:

No more trucks queueing at your warehouse - Dynamic Time Slot Booking


calendar June 15th


Session 4:

TMS insights - panel discussion: Where is the market heading?


calendar June 22nd


Real-time visibility
and modern TMS

We’ve listened to your feedback - and are organizing our next interactive ‘TMS insights’ series around: Real-time visibility and modern TMS. Main goal? To learn and share experiences. 
The world of transportation has become a game of exceptions and requires different ‘modus operandi’. What we’ve got lined up:

Virtual roundtable: Real-time visibility, check. What’s next?

june-1st CO-HOSTED BY  project44-logo  

Real-time visibility has been a trending topic - but how are you using it? What’s your end goal? What challenges do you face, and what opportunities do you see to optimise this technology? What is the carrier’s perspective on sharing data? And, if there is a difference in perspective, how do you mitigate these differences?

We’re about to get real about real-time visibility: how it works, how it doesn’t, and potential roadblocks encountered when using it.

In an hour-long roundtable session, we’re going to weigh in on  these timely, sometimes tricky questions. Join us to share experiences with your peers and learn from each other's insights. And what about the carrier’s perspective? Good of you to ask: we’ve invited Jens Sode, COO, Girteka Logistics, Europes biggest trucking company, to give his perspective on shipper/carrier collaboration.

The roundtable is limited to 20 virtual seats and is being co-hosted together with project44, whose director of strategic accounts, Michel Stekelenburg, will be joining us.



Successfully embed real-time visibility into your modern TMS


Technology in logistics is about making people’s lives easier, it’s about making them excel at what they do. And real-time visibility does exactly that. It’s also a great example of how data can fuel these technologies. 

In this session, we’ll give you some real-life, up close and personal  examples of how real-time visibility paired with a modern TMS helps you win in the logistics ‘game of exceptions’. No fancy PowerPoint slides aimed to impress (or wow), just the real stuff -- a frank and open conversation to share knowledge by industry professionals. We'll be covering topics such as visibility-driven workflows, alerts, SKU visibility and automated milestone management.




No more trucks queueing at your warehouse - Dynamic Time Slot Booking

CO-HOSTED BY project44-logo


Remove friction,frustration and end headaches for drivers and warehouse workers while optimizing your yard and warehouse operations. Dynamic time slot booking is the digital fairy godmother of warehouse managers. But if your driver arrives after his scheduled time of midnight, his truck doesn’t turn into a pumpkin. Rather, his slot is switched with another driver who’s arrived early and poof, everyone lives happily ever after. 

This session is co-hosted with project44, where Mads Porsborg, Senior Solutions Engineer, will present dynamic Time Slot Booking in a hands-on demo. (He’s somewhat of a prince charming as well).




Panel discussion: where is the market heading


First Covid and trade wars, then the Suez Canal. One thing these external  disruptions emphasized, is that supply chains are the driving force of businesses and economies.

Join this panel discussion on how increasing complexity and exceptions will impact logistics in the years to come, and how technology will drastically transform the role that humans play in supply chains.



Hosted by

SupplyStack's TMS Insights Series are hosted by Jonathan Raemdonck, Director Marketing & Product at SupplyStack. Jonathan is on a mission to help companies redefine how they manage transportation and has over 10 years of experience in advising shippers and carriers.
Jonathan Raemdonck
Head of Growth
Michel Stekelenburg
Michel Stekelenburg is the Director Strategic Accounts EMEA at project44, and has a +20 year background in the transportation, logistics and supply chain software industry. Besides his role at project44, Michel is also the President of the CSCMP Benelux. Michel is passionate about Supply Chain Innovation, contributing to the adoption of new technologies to support companies boost Customer Experience, improve operational efficiency, and increase sustainability.
Michel Stekelenburg
DirectorStrategic Accounts EMEA
Mads Porsborg
Mads Porsborg is a Senior Solutions Engineer at project44 with over 8 years of experience building a customer oriented visibility platform.
Mads Porsborg
Senior Solutions Engineer